Thursday, 28 April 2011

A few photos...

Just to whet your appetite for Lombardy......typical though, I went and got ill on our holiday. I'm still not right now. Something to do with my stomach acid going manic due to stress and probably too much alcohol in my diet. Cue intense tiredness, swollen throat, nausea and headaches. I've got some medication now after an emergency appointment with the docs so hopefully I'll be okay when my course starts next week. I've been told to keep calm and chill...that might be a challenge! I guess the birthday and Royal wedding drinks I planned to have tomorrow will have to be skipped also...alas! Anyway, be back soon this weekend if I can but if things get too hectic and my course takes over...I'll be seeing you the other side of May for a lot of catching up to do. xxx


Juanita Tortilla said...


Oh, I know too well that stomach acid mean affair. (Had a lot of alcohol, too.)
Rise up to the challenge and stay calm and chill, and stay far far away from alcohol :D

Lucy said...

Wowow - the reflections in that last one - beautiful! Hope you feel better soon petal xx