Friday, 16 March 2012

Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights

Been teaching a little bit of Wuthering Heights today in my advanced vocabulary and grammar class. I selected the scene where Heathcliff comes to visit Catherine for the last time - possibly my favourite scene in all English literature.

I was toying with getting the students to do a gap fill exercise for Kate Bush's song version but we didn't have time in the end. Still, I'm glad I considered it as watching this film for like the upteenth time has just renewed by awe and respect for her. Do you know she was only eighteen when she wrote this song and she wrote it in a few hours? And look at her movements and grace when you watch the video. Every gesture, every look is perfect...and the words - the whole product in my mind perfectly captures Catherine Earnshaw and what she would seem like if she appeared at your window one late, dark, cold night...The woman is a genius, that is all I have to say! xxx

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