Sunday, 22 April 2012

Last Day of My Twenties...

(Cheers 20s! You were good to me! Twas nice knowing ya!)
(Cheesy line I know, but...wah!)

Commence post of mild reflection....

Tis the last day of my twenties...tomorrow I shall hit the big 3-0.

I guess I should reflect and write a post...?

Hmm...not a lot to say really. If you'd asked my 18 year old self where they would see themselves at 30, they would not have described my current status, but then at 18 you're usually very aspirational and your view on what life is yet to bring is a little unrealistic and overinflated.

That is not to say you shouldn't aim high or that I am not happy now...I just don't think you can really always plan these things and you're dreams and desires change as you go along. You can have a direction to aim for at any age. You can pick a point using your inner compass and say 'Yes! That way looks good!' and then the rest is just heading out into the unknown and hoping for the best. It is a cliche but as they say - it is not the end destination, it's the journey that matters.

And I definitely think I took the longer, meandering scenic (possibly in places - turbulent) route along the way...

That's my wisdom for you as I prepare to enter a new decade. Who knows what I'll have to say in another...!

As for the last ten years? Well, I've definitely packed it all in. No one could accuse me of not being experimental and living my life to the full. I hope I pack a lot into my 30's too. I was going to give you some stats but that would take way too long to calculate and the sun is shining and I have breakfast to eat. Let's just say I've visited a lot of countries, had a lot of boyfriends and dramas, made a lot of friends, tried a wide range of jobs, lived in quite a few places and that generally all the ups and downs were memorable! No real regrets.

Today I just booked a flight to Barcelona again (It was painful, I really can't afford it and I'm not even going to get to go to Sonar because I booked it the week before - on the plus side I will see my sister so that makes it worth it). I have a potential job interview in Tarragona which is an hour away from the city. For the amount of effort and expense it is going to require to get there, I certainly hope I get the job!

So I'm as I bid farewell to another decade of my life, I point my compass now towards Spain. Will I get there? What will happen? Only time will tell... ;)


Floss said...

Have a wonderful birthday, a wonderful trip to Spain, a great interview and a great decade!

Juanita Tortilla said...

Looking fabulous in that picture, BTW.

Holding thumbs for your interview!!!
I hope the effort in getting to the interview will also be a memorable experience (in a good way).

Well, I remember being all frightened about turning 30. It gets better every year. At least, that's what I'm trying to tell myself :D