Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hello TV addict!

Hello, my name is Miss Curious Cat and I am a TV addict.*

*Or more correctly, should I say 'TV series addict'. Forget daytime TV rubbish and the mindless, senseless dribble that you often find when you switch on the TV (my landlady often has ITV playing in the kitchen during the day and oh my god is it appalling), I'm talking high quality, thought provoking, cleverly written scripts.

Since September I have ploughed through the following (courtesy of my housemate's great collection and Netflixs):

Dexter: (Serial killer, anti-hero drama) Well, I finished this actually - I began it a long time ago and it took some while to complete it as it became a father-daughter past time which meant I could only watch it when I went back to Hampshire. My father is now addicted and we are both wondering how the next season is going to handle the cliff-hanger they dealt us.

Game of Thrones: (Four families fighting in a brutal fantasy world and a terrible winter is coming...) Possibly the best TV series out there currently. Don't let the 'Lord of the Rings' esq style put you off if you are quick to think 'old fantasy stuff - not my scene'. This series is outstanding so far. Never have I seen a series so sexual and violent (without being overwhelming...and I thought True Blood was on route to claim this particular accolade). It's got everything. Twists and turns, mythic creatures, Roman and Biblical themes, eye-candy for everyone and, of course, the fantastic, completely alluring character Tyrion Lannister (yes, he maybe a dwarf but he's a sexy dwarf!).

Homeland: (Nail-biting, tense, political and asks all the right questions) We finished this long before it hit our channels. It's gripping. It's intelligent. It's damn good... what more can I say? Nothing is ever black and white. Opinions and ideas form only to be dashed... Oh Clare Danes is excellent as a bipolar fanatical workaholic genius.

Breaking Bad: (Chemistry teacher discovers he has cancer and turns amateur crystal meth cook) I'm ploughing through this baby right now. Just started Season 4. It is REALLY good and Season 3 took the series to a rather darker level than before. Do we like the main characters? Are they good people?  It's very dubious...Why can't they just get their shit together?! Is it all going to be a major train crash?!

Boardwalk Empire: (1920's Prohibition, Atlantic City, Mob drama) This has to be watched just for the finale of Season 2 alone. The most dramatic finale I have ever watched so far. It has many a 'Greek Tragedian' undertone. It had my mind reeling after - so much so I text my housemate from my bed at 1am to query a few issues...and yes, he was up thinking them over too. Excellent opening score...and Steve Buscemi really shines.

The Walking Dead: (my worst nightmare, zombie apocalypse) The only reason I can stomach this is that it is slow in places (i.e. it hasn't got the tempo of say something like 28 Days Later which is too overwhelming for a zombie wuss like me) and yes, I read the synopsis beforehand so I'm prepared.

Teen Wolf: (sexy teenagers get a bit hairy, irate and emotional when a full moon is out) A guilty pleasure...not too scary but still dark and tense enough to entertain. Worth the watch alone for Tyler Hoechlin. I truly turn teenage girl with this series...my housemate caught me swooning over Google images after and thought it was hilarious...

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Billie Piper explores all the 'ins' and 'outs' of life as a call girl in London): Definitely for the curious, though I wonder if it glamorises the profession a bit too much? It is certainly portrays one of the better angles of prostitution. Piper is seeeexy! The ending is a bit unexpected as well...

(Think I'm done? I said I was an addict...think again.)

Misfits: (Asbo teenagers acquire superpowers and run a mok, often accidentally killing their probation officers) I'm seriously jealous of the scriptwriters. This is sharp, witty, action packed and totally British. I love the music, I love the filming, I love everything about this series.

How Not to Live Your Life: (lovable idiot gets up to all kinds of stupid stuff) It says what it does on the tin. Steps and advice from a bit of a prat. Some of the things that may have crossed your mind but you never acted upon at the time....hilarious!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: (four despicable human beings run a pub and do despicable things whilst arguing the whole time) Warning note - don't watch lots of these consecutively. It will stress you out. Dark, highly politically incorrect comedy.

Modern Family: (A modern US family who are funny and a little cheesy at times) This is light-hearted, good solid family entertainment. You cannot help but like it and love the characters. Happiness and feel-goodness (is that a word?!) served up on a nice plate.

Wilfred: (Loser guy and his adventures with a devious dog - aka a man dressed up in a dog costume)
Naughty, surreal and totally nailing dog behaviour on the nose with an Aussie accent.

Plus One: (a one off series about a guy who's ex is marrying Duncan from Blue and he wants to upstage her at her wedding by bringing a more excellent 'plus one') Worth watching just to see Duncan take the piss out of himself. Light laughs and it is amusing enough.

Mad Men: (Beautiful, slightly flawed people from the 1960s in an office environment) You probably know it - its been everywhere. I like to watch it when I'm planning. Its a slow burner but a good one. Great depth.

And I think that is it...or at least the majority...phew...

...Yeah I seriously need to get out...but summer is coming and this was mainly the result of deep hibernation/ I've escaped London aftermath... so I think it won't be a problem!


Anonymous said...

Nice list of TV-series. I'm fan of almost all and the ones i don't watch are now in my will list ;)
I have to recommend also The Big Bang Theory.
Also some old TV-series as The Wire, The Sopranos, Band of Brothers, Generation Kill, Rome...
Maybe i'm an addict too :)

Juanita Tortilla said...

We should be TV pals!

Really? The demon monkey is sexy? :D