Saturday, 3 November 2012

Bird swarms

When I first arrived in Tarragona, as I walked home near the major roundabout in town I'd hear loud bird chirping. I'd look up at the trees but see no birds and wonder if my eyes were failing me. I soon noticed speakers and all the bird poop on the floor so I assumed it was a deterrent for pesky pigeons or something.

Then, this week, as we were driving to Tortosa I spotted my first ever bird swarm or 'flocking' as my dad tells me it is called.. I'd seen it on documentaries before but it was rather marvellous to see it in the sky - it looked like millions of black mosquitos zig-zagging about. It happened very quickly and then it was gone.

However, they must have been on their way to Tarragona because a day later when I looked up at those same trees they were packed and the sky was a multitude of birds. A massive bird convention or rave up perhaps?!

My mother who was only ten minutes behind me with her friend somehow missed them...I really don't know how but maybe they left as quickly as they arrived?

Tonight they were back again - they pooped on a friend as we walked back from the train station.  I managed to get some snaps...not perfect but it gives you a bit of an idea of the numbers. Cool eh? xxx

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Juanita said...

I love watching bird swarms. It just seems so natural for them, yet when seen from a human's perspective, it makes one pause and wonder or be amazed for a few seconds about nature and all.