Saturday, 17 November 2012

Some exciting things to look forward to!

So right now I've got my head down planning exams and writing plans for when my boss observes my lesson next week. Reports are also on the horizon. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, surely?

Well...not to worry!

I have some fun stuff in the pipeline coming up!

Fun Stuff

1. My sister is visiting! Whoooooooooo!

She's arriving in Barcelona this Monday but I'll go there next Saturday to see her for a night out and then drag her sorry arse back to Tarragona with our hangovers in tow. It is a shame she'll only be in Tarragona for the Sunday as everything will be shut but we can still take a nice stroll of the city and perhaps have dinner / coffee somewhere.

I am excited about this! I don't get to spend much time with my sister and we are often very competitive and argue a lot because she's sharp tongued and doesn't suffer fools gladly and I'm supposedly infuriating with a superiority complex....I think she just enjoys winding me up and I enjoy my position as older sister -typical sibling dynamic really...

We've gotten better over the years though. The only thing that tends to really bug me nowadays is when I've got an idea and I'm all enthusiastic and hopping about like an excited bunny wanting to share it with her and she's like: 'whatevs...I couldn't careless...I have a migraine yeah?' This tends to be regarding films or TV series or silly YouTube vids. I'm sure she has a long list of nags regarding me...Whatever! What matters is we get to hang out.

2. I've bought a ticket to Madrid

The second weekend of December we've got a four day holiday so I'm taking a rather long train up to the country's capital to see my Spanish friend plus two of my former female students. Obviously my Spanish friend is wicked - you know about him - but I also totally adore my students. They are beautiful and talented and lots of fun! One is particularly a riot when you get her near a kareoke machine. She's terrible - totally tone deaf but she's hungry for the limelight!

I suspect there will be lots of tequila, hugging and smiles...high levels of feel-good factor!

3. Christmas and my dad's wedding

In five weeks I will get on a flight home and see all my loved ones, friends and family in two concentrated weeks of events. On the 27th of December my father is also marrying his fiance and there will be a small wedding followed by reception in a small local restaurant opened especially for us and the occasion. Family time is precious and being away from home you miss it even more so this is certainly a thing to be happy about.

So...lots to look forward to! My love life seems to have had a slight turn too which is proving to be interesting but I think I'll keep this one under wraps for a while and see how it plays out.

What have you got to look forward to? Feel free to share! xxx


Juanita said...


What am I looking forward to? Um, something short-sighted -- my husband's coming home after a week away to Wash.DC. Nothing else planned for next week. Oh! More clearing out of clutter!!! I'm slightly obsessed, you see.

sallyrose45 said...

There is no competition.

You're dead meat.