Friday, 2 November 2012

Tortosa Trip

Yesterday was All-Saints Day when all the Spanish gather together and go off to the cemetery to pay their respects to their dead relatives. Everything is shut and not a lot is going on. On Sundays and days such as these the cities become almost ghost towns...I am always in wonder of this. Where does everyone go? Do they all stay inside? Why? Why not get out and have a walk? It is strange...
We made the most of the day off and travelled about an hour to Tortosa. My mum and her friend are visiting right now so it was nice to show them some sights whilst seeing them myself too!
When we first arrived we weren't too confident about the place. Everything was shut and it was proving hard to find some place to have lunch. Fortunately, we found a place eventually which was reasonable and mum and her friend had a delicious paella and the boys and I had some meat dishes.
There was a nice park nearby and a showcase type building which held 'Giants' - these huge statues which the Spanish carry around at various parades and festivals like the Three Kings Day. I didn't take any pictures of them through the glass but they looked a bit creepy and it is no wonder some of my students used to be scared of them. It was all rather Wickerman-esq. I'll try and get some photos at some point to show you if it is possible.
Anyway, after lunch we began our ascent and came across a strange statue garden filled with oranges and limes and peculiar naked sculptures - such as a woman giving birth whilst a dog howls on a pond...! Delightful!
We quickly realised we had underestimated the place and as we climbed higher the views grew more and more spectacular. It was so beautiful - that time of afternoon where the Autumn sun is so strong casting shadows and making everything so golden and glorious (perfect photograph light) - and when we finally reached the top we found - not ruins as we expected from the old fortified castle, but a plush hotel where we enjoyed a cup of tea and some coke and marvelled at the 365 degree panoramic views as the sun went down....

A rather pleasant day all in

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