Thursday, 8 November 2012

Weekly update: Inspections and Stickers

This week has been a long one but I'm half way through the term now. It is hard to believe seven weeks have passed since I arrived here. It is going so fast!

This week we had our school inspection so it was a busy one. I bid farewell to my mother and friend on Saturday and went home feeling a bit lonesome and sad. Fortunately, my mother had left me a copy of the first Hunger Games book and this kept me rather occupied on the train journey back from Barcelona. I really like teen literature I have to say. I'm only over a hundred pages in but the book is a page turner. Kind of reminiscent of The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness which I adore and the concept behind the Japanese film: Battle Royal. I know the books have been made into films and I'm a little behind on the hype.

To be honest I'm quite behind on the hype on a lot of the big bestsellers of late. 50 Shades of Grey, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc etc... It was easier when I worked in the Publishing Industry and when I regularly commuted by public transport. isn't a race...all in good time I guess!

So the inspection went is never easy having someone observe your class and when I have only been teaching kids for 5 weeks even more so! The little devils turned into darlings though, didn't they?! It was remarkable. The man entered and they suddenly all became quiet and diligent.

Ah! So they know how to behave! 

However, as soon as he left, it was all too much for them, that acute concentration and good behaviour, and their hyper-ness increased ten-fold and demands for pegatinas (stickers) and games were made clear. Seeing as I was relieved to get it over with I didn't mind pandering to their requests a little.

Sometimes the little ones really do remind me of zombies... except they want my stickers not my brainz....they maul and poke at you and cling to your legs and waist; they look up expectantly and point to various items of your clothing and say the colours in English; some of the little girls have had no scrupples in poking me in the boob too. Cheeky monkeys!!!


It hasn't been a bad week but I have found myself hitting the hay pretty darn quickly on returning home each night and I've had minor threats of a cold coming on. It will be nice when the weekend arrives. I've got lots of little admin tasks to do - some new blog ideas which I need time to explore and I'm going to cook a massive spag bol for my colleagues on Saturday night. Nothing better than pottering and slow cooking a spag bol for a nice weekend really...

One more day of work...I'll see you when I get

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theundergroundrestaurant said...

Loved the Hunger Games. Love teenage literature! Girl with dragon tatoo fab too.