Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tarragona in the Winter

 This weekend has been unusually certainly beats British winter although, that is not to say that it isn't cold here too at times. And Spanish houses don't always have heating so this makes it feel colder as well.
Still, when can you say in the UK that you were (mildly) worried about sunburning on the beach in December? 
 I made the most of this warm spell and went out walking. I think a lot of people did. 
 Only a week more to go and then I fly back to my good old home to spend time with family and friends combined with festive fun and my dad's wedding. I suspect the next three weeks are going to fly.
 Next term will be the winter term and there are no major public holidays to look forward to but it is a shorter term by one week and I have some weekend travel ideas up my sleeve. I will have moved closer to the old town and I will need to begin to look forward to the future a little. I have three options slowly forming in my head right now and I will begin to think about these more seriously then.
I really like the lifestyle in Spain and I want to really improve my Spanish so two of the options involve staying another year. Sunny days like we've had this weekend really chase away any winter blues too and there is so much charm in this part of the world. 

I may be far away from my main core of friends but I find being on my own manageable here and I'm happy enough. After years of fretting and over planning, I feel like I've come to the edge of the song sheet or planning page and all that stretches before me is a desert of blank white...(with perhaps a few 'idea' mountains in the distance)

It is nice to take it easy for a little while. In a year or two I will need/ feel compelled to push myself again (probably with some sort of academic training) but for now I'm not thinking about it too much. It is all about a back seat approach.
So...think it is off to put a pizza in the oven and chill out on this Sunday evening. Be seeing you again soon. xxx

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