Friday, 21 December 2012

You Only Live Twice

At the end of the last season of Mad Men they played this James Bond theme tune which was very apt for the ending and significant to the role of its protagonist Don Draper, but it is also true for many of us as I realised last night when coming home late after drinking and deep in conversation with someone. 

'You only live twice
Or so it seems, one life for yourself
and one for your dreams...'

If we survive this forthcoming apocalypse (which I keep mistakenly thinking has passed as I get the dates muddled) then I hope at some point (some point soon) my two lives will meet and the dream I have will become a reality. There are so many people out there with that one dream and they struggle to  make it real. I guess we can only be more patient and keep trying, hoping and praying... xxx

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