Thursday, 24 January 2013

How life has changed since I moved central

The last few weeks have whizzed by. My housemate noticed a difference in me this week and commented that I seemed low but actually I was feeling pretty level. The truth is I think I'm just rather tired after all the Christmas hype and back to school adrenaline. I reckon I'm in a kind of mild crash mode right now.

So as things begin to level again, I am taking a moment to readjust and observe my surroundings more clearly. What has changed since last term and my moving? Let's bullet point here:

- More sleep - and I feel I need it!! I sleep in an extra 15 mins - half an hour now when I guess I might have been walking. Thursdays have become all about the lazy lie in too. The pace has slowed a fraction with less walking.

- Well...I say less there is the Wednesday beach walk which has begun to feature in my life. Okay, I'm still not making up the full 5 hours I have lost per week but a one hour walk on soft sand, the sea wind whipping your hair into a tangled frenzy, does get the blood pumping and the body temperature up.

- Life is more sociable in the sense that I now have a more present housemate and we take in turns to cook for one another and we watch films together and this has to be better for one's mental health than being on your own for long hours at a time. Not that I minded before but is cosier and nicer in general. We are social creatures after all. I also have been making use of (check it out if you haven't before) and today I met a really cool girl who lives locally and we have a lot in common so I feel good knowing I may be expanding my social circle a bit more.

- I am more central and in this respect I feel like things are easier to access. Okay, my favourite fruit and veg shop is now a little bit of a detour and I'm not so keen on Carrefour compared to Mercadona but in terms of reaching places quickly and being able to 'pop out' for a coffee, the situation is much more favourable than before.

I kind of feel that this is a period of transition. If I think back to my Bristol days, the first few months were about settling in and then the next stage felt a bit same-y, after the hype had worn off a bit, but actually that was the stage when things were quietly coming to life and foundations were being cemented. The class that were strangers, the teachers that were just colleagues began to turn into proper friends. By the time I was ready to leave it was the height of summer and everything was rosy and life felt full and ripe.

I remember this feeling too when it came to leaving America, Primary School and High School... the end of an era each time...I don't know...either you leave too soon or everything has more importance because you know soon it won't be part of your everyday life anymore. Maybe when I get to the summer I'll want to try and hang on for longer this time, but the problem is you're often pushed to make decisions early...

But anyway...this stage is still some ways off and I'm still thinking and observing and pondering.
The next few months will certainly be interesting no doubt.

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TKW said...

I think the future is going to be seven kinds of awesome. xoxo