Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Not a lot to report...except I love Susan Fletcher

But nevertheless I still want to write. I really enjoy writing even if I don't have the most scintillating blog post to offer you; it is my hobby after all.

It is week two at work so I'm starting to adjust to the routine once again now. I can chart my mood pretty accurately depending on what time of the week it is. Monday is always rather grey - it is Monday after all...and Tuesday morning too as I stand before a mountain of classes but by Wednesday evening I am relaxed knowing there is little to do Thursday morning and the weekend is just in reach. The week oscillates, peaks and troughs - like the sea. 

This morning I arose a little earlier so I could get my planning done and take a walk by the sea again. I think this may become a regular feature of Wednesday - it is something nice to break up the working day and I have been reading my book -Eve Green by Susan Fletcher since I came home. My first class is at 2pm. 

I know you've heard me enthuse about Susan Fletcher before but seriously, I adore the woman's writing. My eyes literally brim over with tears at her descriptions...and she might be just describing a hallway or a morning breakfast. She has the knack of capturing things just so. Her worlds are cosy and British and familiar. Everything she describes is interesting and brought to life off the page. I reckon the woman could make a dish cloth a wondrous thing with her words. 

I'm not one for seeking out a family of my own just yet but when I read her works she actually makes me want a proper home to belong to with children and a rich family history. Maybe one day...once I get all this travelling done... I said, not much to report. It is a bit grey outside and I am looking forward to the days growing lighter and warmer, though there is still a little way to go yet.

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Lucy in the Clouds said...

I can't say I've heard of her but your description makes me want to seek her out! I'm sure you'll be aware we're in the grip of snow here in the UK at the mo - so enjoy your walks by the sea and think of us all shivering away! x