Monday, 28 January 2013

Susan Fletcher again and other musings

I just finished Eve Green...and I loved it all the way. I was reading it as I stirred the sausage casserole and crying at almost every page towards the end. Susan Fletcher just writes so beautifully...

Here are two of my favourite quotes of the book:

'Just as we love, and can't help it, so we can't help it if love's not there.'


'What if...? A question we ask to hurt ourselves.'

Two very simply put but very true sentiments that I will hopefully remember for a while. Ah, I'm a bit lost one is going to be able to follow that act...I would be best to switch genres dramatically. Unfortunately, I only have a choice of three other books so...Oh but wait - a friend has Tess of the d'Urbervilles and I hear that it is absolutely tragic and it is Thomas Hardy so it will probably be beautifully written... hmm...Depends how much crying my sensitive soul is prepared to take!

Other news is that the weekend was good fun. It was my mother's birthday but also a friend in Tarragona's birthday so we went to her house to celebrate and dine on fajitas (and very tasty ones they were too). We then went out and danced until 5am and I had planned to get up and get active and go to a local town called Valls for a Calcotada festival where they bbq big spring onions until they are somewhat burnt and then dip them in a sort of orangey rich sauce and make a terrific mess...but I thought it unwise. I feel like my decision might have been wrong though and I anticipated that I'd be worse than I actually was after the big night out.

Still, we'll be making our own calcotada this weekend all being well so I'll still get to try them.

The weeks seem to be racing by...I'm looking forward to it growing warmer. Today in the sunshine it was rather nice and I could feel myself ache for hotter days (though not too hot which it undoubtably will become). I even thought today that perhaps I will stay here...and forget ideas of Barcelona. I guess we'll just have to see.

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