Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Life of Pi (a few words)

Before I forget I just wanted to say a little something about the film adaptation. I went to go see it with my mother on my last day in the UK.

(Why is it that they always seem to bring out heaps of good films all at once and then there is usually a 'good' film drought for ages...?! I also wanted to see The Impossible and Les Mis but there just wasn't enough time. I managed The Life of Pi and The Hobbit only.)

So...I read The Life of Pi back when I was a University student - an old ex recommended it to me. It is a great concept and when he first told me about it I was expecting talking animals because I couldn't imagine how someone could write a whole book on such a premise but well... Yann Martel did, so hats off to him.

I really enjoyed the book and I was really pleased with the film because it sticks to the story pretty faithfully. I also vaguely recall an interview on Radio 4 before Christmas about the film and how the director purposely chose to create it in 3D otherwise it would not have been as effective. I guess there was a lot of manipulation of images and stuff (I don't possess the technical jargon here to sound like an expert) because a lot of the animal shots were done separately.

As I found Avatar to be visually stunning in 3D, so was The Life of Pi. It is beautiful to watch and the spiritual message is also gentle and moving. The animals -especially Richard Parker (the star) - are a delight to watch and the actors are thoughtfully and sensitively portrayed and incredibly likeable.

Yes...I was weeping behind my 3D glasses towards the end...Not only was it a great film and story but I took away something to think over too...

Pi, as an adult, when he comes to finishing his story remarks:

'I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.'

Letting go has always been something I have struggled and been fascinated with too. It is something I decided to explore in more depth and give attention to having watched this film.

Anyway...if you like animals, visual beauty and thought-provoking sentiments...I really recommend that you go see it.

I'm off to work now for my first day back at school...wish me luck! xxx


Juanita said...

Hope work went well.

To be honest, I wasn't impressed with the book at all. I wonder why that is!

All things nice... said...

Oh I loved that book, it was one of my favourites so I am looking forward to seeing the film

All things nice...