Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Perfect Day in Spain

Yesterday was probably one of the best days yet since I've been living here in Spain. It was full of friends, fun, food, festivals and laughter.

Our friends hosted a Calcotada -where you eat these overgrown sort of spring onions crossed with leeks that only grow in this region called calcots. You cook them over a wood burning bbq until they are burnt and then wrap them in newspaper for a while.
Then you carefully peel away the burnt leaves to reveal a delicious soft inner layer and dip this into a romesco sauce which is made up of garlic, almonds and tomatoes and it is to die for. The whole process is messy but fantastic.

 We drank throughout the day whilst sat in the winter sunshine on a roof terrace overlooking derelict old houses below. After the calcots we had meat and prawns and salad and rice pudding. It was a slow eating process over the course of 4-5 hours.
Then, a few of us left and hitched a ride with some other friends to Salou for the Coso Blanco festival which is a pre-Carnival festival with lots of floats and...and mega ton of confetti...
 It was immense! I have never seen so much confetti and it got EVERYWHERE (and I truly mean everywhere...even the most obscure places that confetti should never reach)!! You should have seen how much spilled out of my boots, coat, bag etc later. The house is going to need a good old sweep! No drink was safe either...not even bottled water as I found. It was a great excuse to play and throw it at everyone. The atmosphere was electric and although the music was cheesy as hell it was great for dancing too and just so much fun! Kids, parents, teens - everyone was out and having fun. If I'm here next year I will definitely go again.

Later we came back to Tarragona and recovered in a local English bar and ate mega sized pizzas.
 I then snuck off to spend some time with a special friend which was a really nice way to end the evening. 
Today I am tired and it will be a lazy one I suspect but I'm that much happier for all the good memories of yesterday. xxx

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TKW said...

You are making me yearn for Spain! Beautiful people, beautiful food. You lucky duck!