Sunday, 17 February 2013

Koop and Caricatures

Yesterday didn't start as the best of days for me with some internal turmoil that had built up surrounding a certain someone and it needed addressing. (Where is a good plate throwing restaurant or gun shooting range when you need one?!) By addressing it, it led to a firm resolution in my mind, but with that resolution also came some sadness with disappointment.

As the Rolling Stones once sang 'You can't always get what you want...' and after many attempts, chances and hoping and wishing over the course of the last few months, I'm letting go of my heart's desire, because holding on in hopefulness was just turning out to be destructive and I was feeling unhappy. 

This resolution has helped lift a weight off my shoulders. I feel a lot better already even if I know there are still emotional ties to slowly undo. I've never been great at moving on swiftly.

But anyway, after a long chat over tea with a friend and a little bit of retail therapy in the form of coloured nail varnish, I took a long hot shower and spent some time dolling myself up before going out to meet some friends. 

It was such a pleasant evening in comparison to the morning. Six of us went to this restaurant called Koop just off the Plaza Forum. A few of us had tried to go to this place earlier in the year thinking it was a bar but in actual fact it is a eatery. It is rather cool full of old TVs, typewriters and retro video games. I had been hoping to go back there sometime so I was happy to find that was our destination for the evening.

Besides the funky decor it also boasts a delicious menu too and I had barely eaten all day so it was perfect. You can have all these various wraps filled with yummy melted cheese, fruit such as prunes and dates, caramelised onion, bacon, mushrooms etc and unusual salads too which are really tasty. It is a bit cheese central but this is fine with me! I shared a salad and a wrap with a friend with a glass of wine and it came to about 8 euros - very reasonable. 

Following this we all ambled down to the Rambla to the Teatro Metropol where a special evening was being hosted in the bar there. Four artists were doing caricatures all night on a stage and all you needed to do was pay 2 euros per picture. It was a great idea and the place was buzzing with people and good music. It was one of those events that really allowed you to start conversing with strangers because everyone was milling around watching the artists draw and commenting on the likeness or funniness of the drawings. Before I knew it, it was 3am...

I'm starting to get the feeling that as I grow to know Tarragona better, the more I will begin to bump into the same people repeatedly. It is a small town after all and as one chap said 'Everyone knows everyone's business.' I guess this is small town mentality. It is nice to feel part of a community though. I also had another chance to practise my Spanish and I think it is getting better slowly...It is quite remarkable to observe the process and certainly a new and interesting experience for me. It is very rewarding.

So...another good weekend in this Catalonian city! Whatever will come next? xxx


Lyn said...

I am glad you are sorting things out and settling into the Spanish way of life xxx

The Girl said...

Oh no I don't like the thought of inner turmoil but I do like that the load was eased with tea and nail varnish purchases.

Did you get a caricature?!

The Curious Cat said...

Yes! Two -see facebook! :) x

sallyrose45 said...

Cool cafe and cool idea with the sketches!