Friday, 1 February 2013

One New Years Resolution...

Just because I don't have all my art materials with me in Spain doesn't mean I can't still do some drawing. I'm trying to use my free time to do some doodling with Crayola pencil colours and biros. They aren't grand masterpieces but the process is what is most important to me these days. I switch off the brain chatter when I do this which is good. Some pencils and a long playlist of songs to sing along to whilst I work is brilliant.
This was a piece I churned out very quickly to give some as a leaving present. The other two I've done since are just to jazz up my room a bit.

And now the weekend is almost here! It has grown temporarily rather warm and lush with highs of 19 degrees today. Tomorrow we have our calcotada and the temperatures are going to dip a little which is a shame. Still, the company and the food is the most important part so I'm sure it will be great anyway.

Maybe catch you again on Sunday! Have a great weekend! xxx

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Lucy in the Clouds said...

Wow I love your 'doodles' - they're so colourful and brilliant!