Wednesday, 21 May 2014 it on the decline?

Maybe it is me. Maybe I feel blogging is on the decline because my desire to blog has also declined recently. But I also look at the old blogs I used to read and I notice the writers post less and many have faded away. It is hard to keep up such a venture for so long.

I feel I need to write and I write most prolifically when I have problems that need resolving in my head or when something inspires me. When I am busy getting on with life and life is very full with events, I actually blog less because I have less time to sit down and tell my stories. It is kind of annoying as these are often the things that make ideal blog posts. Well...sometimes...sometimes they are just merely a catalogue of what I have done and Facebook can document this adequately with all the photographs anyway...

Lately life, whilst it still has it ups and downs, has not provided me with the oomph to want to blog. I have a recent painting I've finished which I'm proud of so this will go up along with this post and it is good to know that whilst my writing may be quietening a bit, other creative areas are flourishing.

I don't know how you feel about it. My sister, who now works with many bloggers, would probably say that blogging is still big and popular as ever but when I think about the bloggers she deals with, I kind of view these people as polished superstars who came at blogging in a very professional manner, full throttle and with a clear idea in mind...they are the new magazines of today. They seem like a new generation...

Whereas most of us oldies, many whose blogs I read and used to read, just began to write because we just wanted to try it out and have a go, maybe connect with some people and simply keep a diary of our life or our crafts and cooking. We didn't start with any particular agenda to make it 'big'...We didn't begin with snazzy banners and smart layouts...these came over time as we saw others experiment and revamp their sites. These are just my thoughts - you can speak for yourself and correct me here if I am wrong. I'm sure we all began for different reasons...

Anyway...I worry about how dependent I have become on social media and the web...Sometimes I feel like I want to disconnect from it completely but I don't think I can. Sometimes it all seems so shallow and empty in places...and it didn't always feel that way.

Anyway...these are just feelings...they come and go...But if you do ever read my blog, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these (Painting will follow tomorrow perhaps)

PS I just googled 'blogging dead' and 'blogging on the decline' and I found some interesting articles... see here...and here and here.


The Girl said...

Yeah I've felt this and talked about this.

I guess it's just what happens now that companies have worked out that bloggers will provide them with virtually free marketing. I think you'll find that most days people start blogs with the absolute focus and intent being on appealing to PR companies and getting free stuff to 'review'*

People say they've noticed a marked decline in commenting and I think sometimes this is down to the fact that writing post after post of sponsored content doesn't really love much for people to comment on. what are you going to say? "Yeah I like that you liked this product"?! Whereas blogs that are more focused on someone's life or meanderings or wonderings invite people to comment more, they open up more discussion. As people are complaining about their comments being down I don't know that I've noticed that much change. I didn't get lots of comments before and I still don't! It's remained even.

But as everyone starts blogs to get free stuff it creates more and more competition - people are much more out for what they can get for themselves, rather than making friends just because someone likes the same stuff that you do and posted about Marmite on toast once and now you're friends.

Twitter plays a huge difference as well. I may tweet about a post and then get people tweeting me back with their comments about it, rather than commenting on the actual post. I guess that’s about speed. Taking the time to read and properly formulate a comment takes time and people don’t have / don’t want to take the time to do that as much any more.

I’ve thought long and hard about packing my bags and shutting up shop, but then I still have friends whose blogs are like mine and are the blogs I like to read and I like keeping up with them and hearing what’s going on in their lives and I *think* they like hearing what’s going on in mine too. Because my blog isn’t shared publically with people I know in ‘real life’ my blog is my connection to my blog/internet friends.

Well. This is a long comment.

* I say 'review' because pretty much any review I read on a blog is one that will make me roll my eyes. Going "Yeah I love this thing that I was sent for free" isn't really a review in my mind. No shit? I'd love something really expensive I was sent for free as well.

JuanitaTortilla said...

Oh, that's exactly it. I feel it. I just want to flick the off switch and hear the engine die down, and to just enjoy life. You know very well I tried to experiment with this "PR" idea, but that didn't take off. On hindsight, I am so relieved about that because the so-called blogs that I used to enjoy following have become self-proclaimed online celebraties and that makes me sad. But, at the end of the day, this blog is yours and I always like to take the time to see what you've been up to.

P.S. Maybe it was a bad idea telling my mum about my blog... Now she reads it daily and I find myself censoring a lot to avoid upsetting her :/

char said...

I think I agree with you that blogging is on the decline - what I mean is that blogging as I knew it when I started to blog a few years ago, is on the decline. There is no longer the sense of community that there seemed to be at the time. I think that the rise of PRs and "free things" as TG mentions above is a factor, as they have brought with them the glolryhunter-bloggers who begin blogging in search of free stuff. It seems very high school / popularity contest these days instead of being about the things which used to be nice about blogging - connecting over the things which interested you enough to write about.

Sally Gurteen said...

I don't think that saying blogging is on the decli ne is fair. Yes, blogging as you knew it but that's because there were much fewer in the past.

Yes, there are a lot of blogs that use advertising and that's why they started and they're not really the kind of blogs I read but I can assure you that genuine blogging is still totally practised- they're just somewhat harder to find in a sea of digital people.

Comments have declined not only because people are accessing information faster but because, in the past, commenting and leaving the link to your blog gave you greater SEO power and was a tactic to make your blog more visible on the google search, to other bloggers and people looking.

There's definitely still a community, it's just evolved to places like Twitter, where you'll find most of your engagement these days in great blogger hosted chatss (some not so great).

I would probably say that this evolution has made me more friends in real life and given me amazing access to community. From blogging and other social platforms, I've been lucky enough to make amazing new pals AND meet them in person. It's given me work opportunities and it's also opened doors to the actual communities I have lived in and other people invested in the area of Barcelona/Kent/Holloway.

Blogging has certainly changed. Everything changes. Move with it. There's still some amazing stuff to be read out there and please don't stop writing - you do lend a totally different sound in an area that can seem saturated with blogger reviews.

Flitterbee said...

Linked here from The Girl and I agree. I used to feel like my blog was just for me and people to see about what I thought or did and now I feel like I have to make it snazzier. It's not jazzy, it's not got a wider appeal, but I have made some solid connections, dare I say, friends, off the back of my original blog and that's the part I don't want to give up.