Sunday, 18 May 2014

Shark Painting Complete

...but I kind of messed it up a bit at the final hurdle. Before this canvas painting, I had only done little drawings on paper with pen but I always finish with a black outline for extra definition. However, now looking back I should have not added looked better without and the shark now looks a bit too heavy in the watery background. (Compare above to below)
 Still, I think he's really beautiful and it makes me happy and proud to have managed to do this and I think I may try my hand at another one soon. I took a risk taking my idea big and I think it paid off....
 But now the question is - where will my shark go? At the moment he sits in my room with the other canvas painting. It would be nice to hang him some place.
I'd really like an exhibition at some point but I guess we'll have to see. Until then I'm going to keep on painting whilst I have the luxury of time because come September my DELTA course is going to start and there will be a lot less.

Anyways...catch you later xxx

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The Girl said...

Argh I love him!

Your painting of the little bird hangs very happily in our kitchen and he always makes me happy.

Keep them coming!